Monday, January 31, 2011


This is in my 5x7 inch sketchbook. I like the idea enough though that I may redo it larger and with more time and detail.


Here are my two interpretations of the Illustration Friday Theme of the week, "Dusty"...

Silly Portrait of Frankie!

Weird Skull Thing That is so Not like Me

Did this to play with putting ink on top of fixed pastels...

Getting Back to the Good Stuff

So I am super excited about how much attention The War Eagle Story has gotten and I was just offered another children's illustration job!!! I started sketching again this week and I am thinking maybe I should go back to illustration as my major... I am so excited right now that I dont know if it is hendering my decision making skills... so I will get back to you when I'm calmer. :-) For now, enjoy my silly sketches of the week.