Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Color Limerick Illustration

limerick illustration which I had originally done in black and white for a class. I decided to reuse this same line drawing to try my hand at electronic illustration because I wanted to see it in color.

The Limerick to remind you is Edward Lears,

“There was a young lady whose bonnet

Came united when the birds sat upon it

But she said “I don’t care…

All the birds in the air…..

Are welcome to sit on my bonnet!”


Which version do you prefer?

Great Zaratan Myth

According to the Native American Iroquois Tribe, The Earth was created when a woman was thrown down from the heavens. The animals below made her a place to live by spreading mud from the depths of the ocean onto the shell of a great Zaratan. Since then, the island has grown and grown to the size of North America as we know it today.

Made out of cut paper and tissue streamers with my own handmade textures.

I plan to clone out the hand-written text because it is a little sloppy. I might replace it with digital text.