Friday, April 8, 2011

Character Styling

After drawing the quick cartoon of my little sister, Kylie, which you can find in a post below, I decided I really liked the way she was drawn.
I experimented with the basic face proportions that i used for her portrait and drew several other characters. What I ended up with are what I believe to be charming, lovable faces that I would love to continue to develop. I think this could be my "style" of drawing children.
After playing around with face shape, I decided to try some full-body drawings. Floating heads typically are not that child-friendly.
A problem I see in a lot of my work is that the people feel too static. I want to introduce more movement into my illustrations. Below, I used exaggerated gestures and blowing hair to try to accomplish this.
I am very happy with these experiments. I hope that I can push these ideas in the picture book I am about to begin. Please let me know your thoughts on these characters. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

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