Friday, May 27, 2011

I got the Internship!

So I found out Wednesday that I made it into the Working Class Studio summer internship. It is a division of SCAD where a team of designers is chosen to create products to sell in stores across the globe. I am really excited to get some experience in this kind of work. I have been so focused on childrens’ book illustration and I need to be diverse and branch out to other design fields. I am also eager to be working in a team because I feel it will be good for me in many ways. Check out the Working Class Studio’s website to see what I’ll be doing.

Also, The day of the interview, I did a few more patterns to sneak into the portfolio I left with them. I have yet to photograph the handmade pattern I put on the front of the book but will include that once I get it back.

I also wanted to share some character designs I have been working on for my Intro to Illu class. I am pretty happy with how they look but if I have time I may resolve them a bit more. They are done by painting acrylic over tissue paper for some texture and the costumes I have been creating digitally in photoshop. The assignment was to create six characters for a circus. I was thinking along the lines of a flea circus and decided to do a circus of dogs. I have the ringmaster which is supposed to look like my friend’s german shephard. I have the acrobat. I have the elephant/english bulldog. The clown is drawn after my friend’s corgi puppy. There is the schnauzer bearded lady. And finally, my dog, Frankie is the ballerina/tight rope walker. It is not included here but the acrobat’s swing is a bone with ropes tied to it. :-P

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