Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tedious Drawing III assignment

Small portions of a very large, very scary 22 by 30 inch paper.
It is an interesting assignment. Professor wanted us to divide our paper into 5 fractions and leave 3 of those with white backgrounds and two filled in with compressed charcoal. I am still unsure why she asked us to do this.
Then she asked us to choose 5-7 objects to repeat across the page... filling the whole page. Now we are to create a composition with this load of junk already drawn by making some areas in focus and some out of focus.
I chose an asymmetrical X composition. This means that the crossing of the X will be my main focal point. This will be the bottle and a few parts around it.
Then the lines of the X get less and less focused as they get further from the bottle. The areas between the X lines will do the opposite. I posted the diagram if you're interested. I thought it was an interesting concept. The numbers represent how in focus each section is. 1 is the most in focus and 10 is the least in focus.

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Gail said...

That is truly amazing work. I love it. Looks like you worked hard on that piece.