Friday, May 22, 2009

Portrait progress for friday

I went to a mini- critique today for my drawing class and got some tips. Professor said I need to work toward more opacity. I agree. I am just nervous because I don't want to lose allll the drawings underneath. I started by putting streamers on the petals because its cheap, linear, and has a cool texture similiar to flowers.
I also painted with some ketchup around the edges of the petals. It gave a neat, aged look on the edges and represents Ashley's messiness... I rarely see her without ketchup or barbecue sauce on her clothes.
Here are many of the flowers I pressed for this project. I have only put one on the drawing so far. It is a really pretty circular weed in the center of the orange circle. I don't know yet how and where I will apply the rest but I am excited about including them!
There are some flowers I did not put on this sheet because they were so incredibly frail that I could not get them off the book pages where I dried them.
This is great! The text actually looks really cool showing through the translucent petals. And again, can describe Ashley's love of books and writing. :-P

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